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Guardian Angels

Sounds Interview (prior to Waiting For A Miracle)



Melody Maker interview (prior to Sleep No More)

Straight From The Lions Mouth

Sounds joint interview with The Sound 

Hammersmith Palais Live review - supporting Siouxsie & The Banshees
Sundown Live review from April 1981


Stars On Ice

Sounds interview

Don't Look Now Sounds article about US name change 
Fiction 1982 review

Ready For Landing

NME interview from 1983, just prior to the release of Land

Selling Sheffield By The Pound Melody Maker interview from August 1983
Futurama 3 Festival

Fanzine live review 

Leadmill Sheffield Sounds live review
Venue  Sounds live review 
Land Album review
Land / Stay / ID Singles Reviews / press cuttings of Land + 2 singles 

Tin Can North East Music interview
Chase The Angels Unit 47 Fanzine interview just prior to You Move Me
Sweet 'N' Low Sounds live review - Human League / CSA Crossover
Information 1984 In Formation newsletter from 1984
Overground Overground Fanzine article
Closest Thing To Heaven Melody Maker interview - Crystal Palace Bowl gig 
Hybrid Fanzine interview around the time of 7 Day Weekend 
7DW Sounds review  
7DW (2) Melody Maker  7 Day...  Review  
In Formation 7Day...  tracks by SF / I'm Falling review / Original album tracks 
Chasing Shadows (1) Q album review 
Chasing Shadows (2) RAM (Australian) album review 
Chasing Shadows (3) Sounds album review 
Where Are They Now? Q article 
My Minds Eye Q album review
1st 3 album re-issues Q review the RPM re-issues
Mik Glaisher interview Mik talks to Mark Finnigan exclusively for this website
Please e-mail me if you have any CSA interviews, reviews, pictures etc that I could use on this web-site (especially reviews / adverts / live reviews for the Chasing Shadows era).
Thanks to everyone who has provided me with CSA articles featured on this section of the site.
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