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Waiting For A Miracle / Sleep No More

Fiction - RPM re-issues

Once bigger than U2, Sheffield's Comsat Angels were always too musically thoughtful and Stephen Fellows too melancholy of voice to break through. These three albums (to the shame of major labels, RPM Records have lovingly annotated each one and provided excellent extra tracks) comprise their Polydor Records output. 

1980's sparkling Waiting For A Miracle  featured Independence Day, their generally acknowledged masterpiece, but Missing In Action, the fiery B-side Home Is The Range, Total War and a slew of others run it close. They would never produce such a consistently outstanding batch of songs again, although lesser bands would have sold their souls to produce Sleep No More and Fiction . Later, they'd produce Will You Stay Tonight, their other finest moment, and have their cudgels taken up (assuming cudgels can actually be taken up) by Robert Palmer of all people. The Comsat Angels deserved better than footnote status of course, but these packages provide some measure of justice.
John Aizlewood Q Magazine
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