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Com 'N' Get It!
The Comsat Angels 7 Day Weekend
Land was, with its lyrical grace and understated musical grandeur, one of ‘83s finest albums, and still The Comsat's (much like kindred spirits The Sound) were woefully ignored and misgrasped.  This enterprise is, then, understandably smoother and guided at relaxed, unquestioning palates. Despite utilising JamesJuicy FruitMtume as co-producer, it’s dangerously (or rather, safely) close to glorified AOR.  The singles I’m Falling and Forever Young reflect this.  Pleasant.  Hmmm.
Day One advert Sounds 29/9/84

But nothing, it seems, can erode the diamond mind of Sheffield’s unluckiest and, when they do what they do best – write stirring, realistic love songs that tie a firecracker to the icebergs around your heart – they are well nigh insuperable.  Believe It is a scorching sharp opener. 

You Move Me and Day One delight in their naturalistic emotional crescendos.  If side two drifts somewhat, Stephen Fellows’ resonant, soulful voice keeps the uncorked messages afloat.

The Comsat Angels are survivors, who sing of the blues with assured authority.  Entirely credible.

Chris Roberts

Sounds 2/11/85

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