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Chasing Shadows Sounds 21/2/87
The Comsat Angels have always contrasted sharply with the persistent mediocrity of so much '80s British rock. Chasing Shadows finds the band fit and aiming as truly as ever at the heart of rock.
NME advert 7/2/1987

The Comsat Angels songwriting makes much of little, economically using ideas and sounds to create an overall impression that is fleeting yet subtle and soothing.

Under The Influence is typical Comsats, with a sturdy, propulsive bass and coolness in the presentation. But inevitably, the hooks emerge with repeated playing, lurking just behind the obvious, surrounding Steve Fellows' gentle vocals.

Flying Dreams is the most challenging track, eschewing the usual indirect approach for an opening guitar figure that hammers you into attention, letting up only when Andy Peake's keyboards enter inconspicuously to redefine the tack of the song. The Comsat Angels might be fittingly described as writing songs with wings, and on Flying Dreams their evocative style ascends steeply.
It's good to see The Comsat Angels in full possession of their faculty for great rock music six years on.
Ralph Traitor
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